Monday, July 28, 2014

the first day

I love the first day of school.  It is a day bursting with hope and optimism.  If I am perfectly honest then I would admit that many days can have a negative tone to them in public education.  This is why the first is so incredibly wonderful.  I love that everyone has a clean slate.  Students give their teachers a chance.  Teachers look forward to helping a new cohort of students.  Administrators push towards the accomplishment of school goals.  

Today as I walked the two buildings I work in, I could not help but feel joy and pride for my workplace.  You know, I really love my job.  I love my community.  I love being part of the big school picture.  Last year I learned what it means to be part of a solution.  I learned that school change takes place with teeny tiny steps in the right direction.  Most importantly I learned that I still want to be a school leader. 

Last week I learned that my final capstone project was accepted.  I am now working on securing the paperwork for principal certification.  I cannot believe it.  A dream I have talked about for many years is coming to fruition before my eyes.  

Callum got dropped off at his new babysitter this morning.  He did not cry, but I did.  As I left the room he reached his hands towards me and watched me walk out of the room with the biggest eyes ever.  It broke my heart.  Of course he had a great day.  His babysitter said he is one of the happiest babies she has seen.  The whole working mom thing is a constant challenge.  Do I regret working? Heck no.  Does it make me sad soemtimes?  Heck yes.  

I am a goal oriented person.  Because of this and because goals are always set on the first day of school, here are my goals for the first quarter of school. 

1.  read 1 chapter from the Book of Mormon daily
2.  go to the temple at least one time
3.  successfully help the new teachers make it
4.  be more forthright in my individual support of ELA teachers

Cheers to another great year.  I freaking love my job.

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