Saturday, July 12, 2014

the temple and family names

Yesterday on our five year anniversary we attended the temple with family names in hand.  These were not far off ancestors either.  Jason and I completed the initiatory work for my grandparents and both sets of great grandparents on my father's side.  The neat thing is that my siblings all contributed something.  First, my brother's children completed the baptizing and confirming back in January.  Seven months later Jason and I went to the temple and completed the next step.  My sister and her husband completed the endowment portion for one set of my great grandparents while my brother and sister in law completed the endowment portion for my grandparents.  With the help of technology the ordinances were recorded at once which made it possible for my brother to complete his portion in Alabama.  

I have always felt tied to my family history.  I am grateful for my heritage.  For some reason I have always had a firm testimony in the importance of temple work.   It must be rooted in my early experiences doing baptisms as a teenager.  Without sharing an enormous amount of detail, I would also say that my patriarchal blessing is very prompting to do my family history work.  

Often times we hear of the importance of family history work and it seems so apparent how true and sure the testimony bearer is of his/her words.  I can now stand on that side of the testimony and say that it is a real and worthwhile cause.  I found myself rallying with my siblings to complete the work.  Not only that, I found myself wanting to be better for my ancestors.  

Visiting the temple is already awesome.  When adding the reverence and importance of your own family names, it is beyond words.  

You can count on me being back to the temple again soon.  

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