Friday, August 15, 2014

the entry to toddlerisms

This is my life.  We are three weeks into the school year.  I am 900 mph every minute I'm at work.  In the back of my mind I constantly worry and long to be with my baby.  The neat thing is that I am convinced I am my best mom self during the school year.  I try to drop everything to give him devoted attention. 

We have entered the new world of toddler care.  What a world it is.  Guys, it's a little intense.  I am rarely lucky with picking a food item he wants.  He cries when things are taken away from him.  He is always sad to be put in bed.  I will get through these toddler trials. 

Let's focus on the precious things. Callum is able to replicate many words.  I've noticed that he has mastered saying the first to two to three sounds of a consonant blend at the beginning of the word. For example, garbage man is simply ga.  Speaking of garbage, Callum recognizes the sound and sprints to the front door to see him.  I really like that about him.

Callum has tan skin with bright blonde hair and blue eyes.  He is just perfect.  He still has a big huge belly.  As a running mommy, I have recently enjoyed the entertainment of Callum running back and forth on the living room floor at the command of "run".  He expects you to clap.  As long as you do, he will run again and again.  Proud mom moment

He is such a wiggle worm.  We recently attended the rosary and mass for Jim Henling's funeral.  He was the only toddler in the church, and his wiggles and sounds could be heard in every corner.  He refuses to just sit on a lap or cuddle. He. has. to. move. All of this makes it surprising to learn that he loves books.  He will look at them all on his own or  from his mom and dad. 
garbage man watching
new trick. 

too big
favorite part of the day
is it a shoe in his hands? not sure

I told you he loves books.
Last piece of family news is that Jason started nursing school.  We are in for a busy two years! 

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