Sunday, October 19, 2014

the drop off

We have reached a milestone.  

Jason and I eagerly and bittersweetly dropped Callum off at nursery today.  
He is technically not 18 months until Wednesday, but he has been quite ready to try nursery by himself for several months.  

So today was the day.  I made sure to get the inaugural picture, and he could not even pose for the two seconds I needed to document his first big boy church day. 

Since the day he was born, and I instantly fell in love with the little guy, I kept dreading this eighteenth month for the singular reason of having to let go of him for a few hours.  The reality is that all three of us have been ready and excited to get this show on the road.  

Callum has always done well with unfamiliar adults and children.  He is friendly and outgoing which helps him to do well in situations without his parents around.  We watched from the door for a few minutes and were not surprised even a little bit that he sprinted from toy to toy and chair to chair to play and be happy.  That's our boy.  

I even sneaked out of primary several times to see what he was up to.  More of running from chair to chair and toy to toy-not skipping a beat or missing a minute.  At one point he was playing with another kid at the toy kitchen.  

I picked Callum up and was very happy to see that he was coloring a picture of Jesus loving others.  It melted my heart even.  

I am proud of who he is becoming.  However, I also feel extremely responsible for how he interacts with others and learns to be a disciple of Christ.  That is absolutely my job.  Frankly, I need to do a good job.  I am reminded of this as I look through the glass window in nursery for the first time ever. 

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