Wednesday, October 15, 2014

the eighteenth month

Somewhere along the way little Motorcycle turned into a real toddler.  This toddler thing is tough.  
Labor and delivery with no pain medicine-easy
Non-mobile baby-easy
Cute walking baby-easy
Big baby that runs, plays, goes all out 100% of the time-not easy

To support my statement of challenge, I can say that I even checked out two books on toddler development and nurturing because I'm just needing some extra insight.  

It isn't all pirahhnas and quicksand though....there is so much that is fantastic and rewarding.  Here we go...
His word list consists of the following

Callum is an extremely communicative kid.  I have always felt that his ability to communicate what he needs in an effective manner has been quite effective for sometime.  He uses the sign for more when he wants anything additional to eat or drink.  He will lead your hand or fingers to the thing he needs  you to do or see.  He uses baby language effectively to express excitement or frustration. There are very few times when I scratch my to head to know what he needs. 

Callum is his dad.  What this means is that he is fully of energy and happiness.  Have you met Jason?  He is always happy.  He is always all-go.  When Callum runs around the house, it doesn't suffice to just run.  The kids sprints 100% and falls at the slightest obstacle.  He rarely cries about it.  99% of days he wakes up smiling and goes to bed smiling.  From morning to night, he is happy and loving.  This is supported by his constant need to dance when he hears music, his ability to give mom a kiss on any request, and his constant smiling and talking.  

Callum does pretty well with other kiddos around.  He worships his Henling cousins
and enjoys anytime he gets to meet other toddlers.  

He has recently discovered that tv is kind of neat.  He likes to watch the boob tube in his vibrating chair when he wakes up and before he sleeps at night.  My fear is that he'll get addicted, but it is nice to have him just sit still. 

To this day, I cannot recall even one time that he has fallen asleep on my lap or just sat on my lap for a long period of time.  He is not capable of just sitting.  I do wish that I could get additional cuddles, but he is just too energetic. 

You will be surprised to learn that he does enjoy listening to stories. He has several die-hard favorite books that he will always listen to.  That makes me very happy. 

One of the challenges I have recently faced is the binky.  He has gotten territorial with is binky.  He carries it around constantly and if we take it away from him, he throws a tantrum until it is returned.  I realize it is time to get rid of it.  I need to just go cold turkey on it.  Part of me is scared to do it because in doing so, he is no longer a baby.  That makes me sad.  

His personality seems to be increasingly stronger as he learns and learns.  Sad or frustrating things are harder for him and induce bigger cries or tantrums.  I try to not react to these episodes.  It isn't always easy.  That's where my toddler books will come in handy. 

In summary, being a mom is fantastic.  I love my little buddy.  He's all I care about.  

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