Thursday, October 2, 2014

the kiwis came

We have had the most wonderful and magical week with our Kiwi family.  TWELVE members of Jason's family came to American and stayed with us.  
There was Nana and Papa and Winsome and Syd and Nicole and Jackson and Deziah and Kyle and Damien and Stephen and Hone' and Jonathan.  

We shared many parts of our American life with the family.  Outback and La Posada and Sonic and McDonalds and Carl's Jr and Chilis and Olive Garden and Cold Stone several times!!  We enjoyed a corporate box at the Diamondbacks Game.  Not only did we have a perfect view from home base, but we were also welcomed on the mega screen!!!  We rocked the Pink Jeep Tour in Sedona.  We went to church.  We drove to the temple only to find out it was closed!!!  We built a brick planter and mailbox in our yard.  We showed every little good thing about our town.  

I just wish there was more time.  Living far away from family is not easy.  

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