Saturday, November 15, 2014

the Saturday run

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Saturdays are special days.  It's the day we get ready for Sundays. 

Saturdays have started with a long run for a long time in my world.  I don't even know how many years it has been.  

79 degrees or -79 degrees, it just doesn't matter.  That's what you do on Saturdays.  

This long standing ritual is probably a very big part of the reason I am never out of shape.  I have to get out the door and do it.  And because I have to do it, I have to train during the week.  And because I train during the week, I am ready for long runs any time of the year.  

Another big part of me being successful at keeping my morning run intact is because I work M-F.  After getting up at 5:10am all week to workout, it is a treasure trove of adventure to wake up at 6 and go running only after Callum has been sufficiently cuddled, and the sun is completely up for the day.  It's a cake walk to run for a long time in those conditions. 

Since living in America, it has been an added bonus to run with my sister.  It's always that much easier to get out the door when you have someone counting on you.  

Today I ran alone because said sister is out of town.  I had a great run along 3rd street.  I wasn't chasing miles today, but I was chasing time.  I gave myself 40 minutes to see how much ground I could cover.  I managed to cover 5 miles in 38 minutes and 38 seconds.  7:40ish pace?  I'll take it.  

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