Sunday, November 30, 2014

the thanksgiving at our house

 This year we hosted the Bratt family Thanksgiving festivities.  We volunteered knowing that our house could comfortably accommodate quite a few relatives.  

We spent a ton of time getting our house in tip-top shape.  Callum did his fair share of chores...fake vacuuming, getting toys out after they had been put away, you know, the most effective chores.  

We cooked all day-no surprise there.  But at some point it got super long and unbearable to wait for food.  Nobody had real food at all for the whole day.  Christmas M&Ms were the only thing in my belly.  We decided to walk to the school so that the adults and little ones had some exercise/reprieve from the yummy smells.  

 After a solid hour of play, the dinner bell alarmed, and we got our butts back to the house.  We borrowed tables and chairs to make a huge place setting for the entire family.  All 17 in attendance had a seat at the same table.  We love our formal dining room for that!

I was disappointed in Callum.  He did not eat a single thing off of his plate.  I ate enough to feed a family of five.  

Did you know that I don't drink pop?  I stopped drinking pop as a high school runner and never got the desire to drink it again.  However, once a year on Thanksgiving I make a return to the land of soda drinkers to enjoy ONE pop.  I am then promptly reminded why pop is the dumbest thing.  

And, no Thanksgiving post is complete without telling what you are grateful for.  This year it was my house.  I am still happy and proud to call it MY house that I own.  Filling it up with people I love is a really neat thing.  

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