Monday, December 8, 2014

the cardinals game

Happy Birthday (in September) and Merry Christmas to my one and only!
I gave him the gift that would make him happiest of all-tickets to a Cardinals game. 

Just like last year, my sister babysat for us, and we enjoyed several hours of adult time.  My parents came along this year too.  My mom thoroughly enjoyed it, but the environment was a bit much for my dad.  The Cardinals have the loudest stadium-decibel wise-for stadiums this year, and it was a sold out stadium.  

The game was intense and as usual, we can call them the cardiac cards.  Something I really like about taking Jason to these games is that it makes him so darn happy.  He has worked hard this semester and thrived in nursing school.  He deserved a game to unwind and enjoy himself.  

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