Thursday, December 4, 2014

the first semester

Nursing school.  That is what is pictured here. I did my fair share of intense study sessions in my BYU days, but I must say Jason takes the cake in terms of extended rigorous study sessions.  Each note card was carefully crafted to detail all crucial elements of the course content from his first semester of nursing school.  

We kept trying to keep Callum away from the cards, but at some point even stressed out Jason gave up.  He threw them, rolled in them, and dashed across them for a solid 20 minutes.  That's an eternity to a 20 month old.  

For the record, Jason passed his first semester with flying colors.  Not only did he successfully complete a very challenging course load, but he also managed to work full time.  That is a feat that I am very grateful for.  Just three semesters to go. 

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