Thursday, December 25, 2014

the kiwi christmas

Yesterday my social media status stated that we enjoyed a perfectly Kiwi Christmas Eve.  
I feel absolutely fulfilled and blessed after embracing all things Kiwi here in New Zealand.  

Here's the play by play:

Christmas shopped until we dropped for two days prior to the big day.  Every shop was a mad house.  I must say that the summer spin on Christmas shopping was fun.  I enjoyed the fact that I wore jandals and jaunted around the shops.  

On Christmas Eve there was a light rain in the morning that did not deter me from running.  It was so light that I could barely feel it out there.  I ran the usual route up Bosher Road to the top of Worthington Road junction.  I really took in the paddocks, pohutukawas (the blossoms are extra red this year), and the many many sheep.  It made me happy to be in the right place at the right time.  

Jason and I headed to Auckland to visit with my New Zealand family.  When I say family, I really do mean it.  The family I stayed with while a BYU girl really came to be my support system.  Getting to see them each time I come to New Zealand is an absolute highlight for me.  We spent a good chunk of the morning with them, and I gave them my traditional Arizona calendar gift.  We were excited to discuss a future Arizona trip in the works.  

After our visit we headed to Moto for the best sushi in the world.  It was fun to eat at our hole in the wall sushi shop that makes us so complete.  They even gave Callum free ice cream this time!

We headed home to Wellsford after this and fought traffic on State Highway 1.  All the holidayers were already headed north, and traffic moved slow the whole way home.  We wrapped the few kiwi presents that Callum was going to receive and ended the night by watching a few Christmas classics.  

We woke up on Christmas morning exhausted.  When you have twenty five children/adults in one family, it takes a mighty long time to wrap/assemble presents.  Jason's family is way over the top in terms of presents.  We enjoyed watching everyone open present after present.  It really makes you wish we could see his family more often.  

Callum cleaned up well.  He got a plethora of Kiwi things like birds, posters, books, blanket, clothing, etc... We are very excited to take these things home to the USA.  

The rest of the day has been playing with the new toys, enjoying a Christmas roast and pavlova, and enjoying outside time.  The beach day is in the works for tomorrow.  

Gosh, I can't help but be sentimental about every little moment.  Living far away has been tough in so many ways. It's never enough to be here for a few weeks.

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