Tuesday, December 30, 2014

the pyramid

We all had our must-dos while in New Zealand.  One of mine was to have a dedicated amount of time to just being on the beach doing beach things as a beach family.  When you live so darn close to the beach, surprisingly this doesn't happen unless you really make it happen.  On the second to last day, we went to Te Arai Point early in the morning.  

I went for a run while Callum, Jason, and Damien started building an epic pyramid.  By the time I returned from that amazing run, the pyramid was half done.  I quickly joined in and kept having those moments where I thought, "Am I actually doing this right now in this place?"  

Admittedly, Callum was still quite under the weather.  Several days prior to this event, all three of us went down hard with a fierce bug.  Callum was feverish and croupy out at the beach, but we just had to take him.  

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