Saturday, January 3, 2015

the one resolution

I am one to be big on resolutions, goal setting, actionable items, and constantly thinking about how to do better and be better.  When I thought about my formal resolution for this year, one thing really stood out to me that will have ramifications in a lot of different areas of my life. 


That's it.  That's my resolution.  Confession-I hate to cook.  I hate to doing mom jobs.  I find no happiness or satisfaction in kitchen things.  Because of this, Jason cooks.  He loves it.  He's good at it.  But he's in nursing school and has zero time for that.  I now have a child that eats people food.  However, he rarely eats food I offer, and I feel somewhat responsible for that because I often eat random things like toast for dinner.  Additionally, it fulfills my need to be fueling healthily for my run.  Furthermore, this will help Jason with his fitness goals.  Lastly, this may be an opportunity to have more family time on crazy week nights where two parents work.  

Basically, I am wanting to cook a variety of meals on weeknights like normal moms do.  I've never done this and am completely intimidated by it.  This coming week will be my first go. 

On the menu we will be having...

Taco Salad 
with homemade salsa, avocado, and turkey meat

Baked Sweet Potatoes

Butternut Squash Soup

Steamed Veggies with Rice and Breaded Talapia

Not bad, right?  

Wish me luck. In my world, this is a more challenging undertaking than running a marathon.


Janae Balibrea said...

Larissa, I love this goal! I wish my family had made dinner together a priority. I went to a Food Nanny presentation. She has a book out that really helps with meal planning and variety. It's called the Food Nanny Rescues Dinner. I'm sure there's tons of meal planning things on Pinterest. And I think when I'm a mom and wife I will be all about those healthy, cheap freezer meals. Also on Pinterest :) Good luck! Happy cooking!

Bryn said...

Right there with you sister! I am not a cook, do not cook, and I would go absolutely crazy if I had to face the kitchen alone. Jas is a wonderful cook! However, Jas is taking classes 4 nights a week this semester so it's time to get with the program :) I'm learning how fun it is to go figure out what I like and make that. Also, seriously, we have spaghetti sauce and soup frozen in our freezer along with freezer crock pot meals. Total savior on those days when no one is going to have time to cook. We also plan about 2-3 meals a week, make huge amounts, and eat leftovers or incorporate into newish meals the rest of the've got to do what you can to stay sane because the kitchen is a monster (and don't toddlers eat you out of house and home!)