Sunday, March 15, 2015

the big boy bed

This little precious Motorcycle of mine just keeps passing milestones before I can even accept the last one.  

We have been wanting to make the transition to big boy bed for quite some time.  The bouncing and standing in the crib has had me worried for several months now.  Not only that, big independent boys don't belong in little prison cells for beds.  

We were excited to set up his new room and new bedding.  It was all fun and games until we went to put him to bed the first night.  He was nervous and uneasy about going into a new room.  He wasn't the problem though.  I couldn't handle it.  The moment I saw him get a little scared I backed out.  It was as if I was abandoning him to a lonely and scary crib just like I did when he was just a day old.  We let him sleep in the crib one more night so that his mom could adjust to this new milestone.  

I thought it over and realized that it is traumatic all over again just like it was when we left him in his crib the first time and then when we let him cry it out around six months.  The second night came around and the baby whisperer, Jason, dutifully put him to bed.  A few sad sounds and within minutes he was sleeping soundly in his big boy bed.  I was in the living room waiting for him to cry so that I could jump in to cuddle him a bit longer.  

I should have known all along that he would do well.  He's always been a great sleeper.  I have had it easy when it comes to getting this boy the Zs he needs.  We are now five days in, and Callum has effortlessly slept in his big boy bed.  He did fall out once during the night.  Other than that, he is proud of his bed and enjoys showing it off to us when he wakes up.  

And so it is, our 22 month old sleeps in a big boy bed. 

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