Monday, April 20, 2015

the second birthday


It's funny because we've had only 730 days with this little guy.  However, I can't hardly remember what it was like to not have him around.  

I've learned many things about this little tyke that give me a glimpse into who he will become.  He is a very busy and occupied boy.  Given something to categorize, sort, or figure out, and  he is there.  Given free space or a quiet event, and Callum runs and runs and runs.  He is the kind of boy that goes all out every time.  He runs full speed to get to his room for bed.  

I have learned that he doesn't like to be messy.  He says thank you after every little thing that is done for him.  For example, if you were to change his diaper, he would say, "thank you diaper."  This pattern holds true for everything!  

Callum recently learned how to fold his arms for prayers.  He says bye bye at the end and is not quite ready to try it himself.  

His vocabulary has exploded in the past month.  He learns new words at a rate I can't keep up with.  Gorilla is one of his cuter words right now.  

And then trains.  He is obsessed.  I don't even know where to start.  One night last week Jason heard him playing with trains at 4am!  He has a radar for them around our town.  He knows the roads that border the train tracks and make sure to announce when he sees one. 

His is happily sleeping in his own bed.  I can tell he is well on his way to being potty trained because he constantly talks about where pee and poop go.  

He doesn't have any toys in his new room.  He has a bookshelf with tons and tons of his favorite books.  Often times we listen to him reading himself stories after waking up from a nap.  

He has figured out that numbers and letters are special.  When he sees letters he says, "a and o" over and over as if he is pointing and reading.  He can count to two and does it any chance he can with his toys or books.  

I am undeserving of such a good boy.  He's happy and easygoing like his daddy.  

Happy Birthday my precious Callum

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