Friday, October 2, 2015

the hot dog announcement

Hot Dog is coming.  
We expect him or her to arrive on or around March 20. 
He or she has been growing and growing for the past 16 weeks inside of me. 

I'm really excited about Hot Dog.  Being an over planning fool, I purposefully aimed to have a new addition in our family not a day before the last quarter of the current school year.  Teacher moms everywhere know what's up.  You have to maximize your time with the around the clock nursing and cuddling that make up tiny newborns.  The thought of having a baby and having to abruptly come back in the middle of the school year makes me want to die.  I'm all about that spring baby that gives me time to nurture and love my newborn to a baby.  

It was kind of a neat day when we found out about Hot Dog.  I ran the Bucket of Blood Half Marathon that morning.  Totally rocked it, if I might add.  Won the race and crushed my previous personal best on the course.  It was dangerously hot and a perfect summer Arizona race in every way.  For kicks, we decided to have me take a pregnancy test not thinking anything.  Lo and behold, Hot Dog was on his or her way!

A few days later Callum and I were at a birthday party.  Callum's daycare person was there, and she privately asked me if I was pregnant.  I didn't deny or confirm because I was still super secretive at that point.  However, I was flabbergasted that she observed Callum doing a downward dog type move quite frequently at her house and started to wonder.  She is from Alaska and said that the Eskimo people observe that move as a surefire sign that the child's mother is pregnant.  I couldn't believe it!  She totally called it. 

I made it through the first trimester alive.  Motorcycle never gave me any morning sickness, nausea, or fatigue.  This little one really really gave me those things.  I was pretty tore up for six weeks.  I had a hard time finding the ability to eat anything.  I pretty much came home from work and laid on the couch and never got up.  Luckily, my running wasn't completely impacted.  I still managed to log 80 and 81 miles during those first two months of pregnancy.  It wasn't pretty, but I got out there to run.  

Now that I'm comfortably into the second trimester, I feel like a million dollars.  My pace hasn't been negatively impacted.  My distance hasn't either.  I'm even running a half marathon in two weeks!  I'm taking a yoga class as well.  Haven't been to the weight room in some weeks, but that is mostly due to a busy life.  

More exciting news on Hot Dog to come

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