Sunday, November 15, 2015

the lake powell half marathon

We signed up for this race months ago.  I never thought I'd be faced with earth shattering news just two days before a race that I had trained months for.  

The consensus among my other two sisters was to go ahead and run the race.  In a show of solidarity for my dad, we did it.  Was it easy?  Heck no.  Doing it with sisters did make it more of a united-let's get through this together-kind of thing.  I do think it was theraputic and helpful in the grieving process.  

All three of us did well despite the tough circumstances.  Usually I'd go to great length to discuss my mile pace, placing, and overall race.  However, it just doesn't matter.  It isn't why I raced.

For record keeping sake, I ran at 19 weeks pregnant.  Crossed the line at 1 hr 48 min and did place for my age group.  The course was a beautiful tender mercy.  Running through one of God's most amazing creations-northern Arizona-was something that did give my heart a bit of a smile despite the circumstances.  

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