Sunday, November 15, 2015

the twenty second week

the world of Hot Dog

Pace and distance really has not been impacted at this point.  Most runs are completed without "feeling" pregnant.  My bladder is only slightly a problem.  I haven't' broken out the maternity running belt just yet but will probably do so any day.  I don't have any more races planned for the duration of the pregnancy.  I do intend to continue running for as long as Hot Dog would like.  

Zero.  Since the nausea went away months ago, I haven't had any cravings to speak of.

Food Choices: 
Yikes.  I'll be straight up to say that I'm mostly eating whatever without any concern.  That's not anything to be happy about.  

Weight Gain:
Probably has a lot to do with the above.  I've pretty much gained twenty pounds at this point.  It isn't alarming or even extraordinary.  It is a faster rate than my last pregnancy.  At the last appointment Hot Dog was measuring 19 at the 21 week appointment.  Yes, my food choices could be a bit better, but I don't need to do anything rash. 

Callum is aware of Hot Dog.  He tickles my stomach and kisses baby without being prompted.  He'll even ask to see baby by lifting my shirt no matter where we are.  

Sleeping/Energy:  Fantastic.  No concerns.  

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