Saturday, December 26, 2015

the 28th week of pregnancy two

I'm well on my way to the home stretch of this pregnancy. 
The fact that I'm no longer a rookie at this pregnancy thing is probably the main reason why I don't feel as inclined to post about it every other minute. 
The second trimester, as a whole, was about as insignificant and easy as possible.  By this I mean that I had very little trouble in terms of pregnancy aches and pains.  

At about 25/26 weeks I started getting the soreness that comes from carrying extra weight in the first 1-3 miles of my runs.  I would describe it as a very sharp and shooting pain in my shins and calves that only pregnant 2nd/3rd trimester runners experience.  I find that it never lasts and does not leave in lingering soreness.  During the first pregnancy I'd say that it deterred me from running as much as I probably could have.  Now that I know a bit more about this pain, I know that I can safely run through it-even if it sucks-with no lasting soreness or injury.

Naturally, I'm doing more workouts on the treadmill since it's minus 400 outside.  This addition to my workout has brought me to doing some intervals that involve running at a fast pace for even me as a non pregnant runner and then a bit longer of a walk recovery.  I really enjoy these workouts because it gets my heart rate way up and allows me to run all out despite being heavily pregnant.  I haven't ran anything over 7/8 in probably 5 or 6 weeks.  I'm okay with it.  The neighborhood of 2-5 miles is working great for me. 

I found some yoga workouts online that I absolutely love for pregnancy.  I do them over and over because they are right where I am at physically and address the needs of a pregnant lady.  

Weight Gain
At my last appointment I discussed with my doctor how I was getting extremely nervous and even self conscious about my weight gain.  I was starting to get never ending comments about looking bigger than last time, and it was starting to get with me.  During the last pregnancy I got on the scale almost daily, but this time I can't even think about looking. The doctor did make me feel better.  He reminded me that my weight gain is spot on and that looks are deceiving.  There is more weight, but there are muscles in my stomach/pelvic region that have more easily stretched to allow for a growing baby.  The first time around it took much longer to stretch and pop out because my muscles had never done it.  

I will say this though.  I am feeling like I have been rather permissible in what and how much I eat.  I don't like to overeat because it doesn't digest and comes up when laying down.  However, I don't seem to ever turn down treats and don't seem to make decisions based on how healthy the item is.  Probably should work on this like yesterday.

Hot Dog is so freaking active.  I can't even tell you how much she moves.  If I thought Callum was active, forget it.  Hot Dog moves all day long and sometimes throughout the night.  In the last week I have entered into the punching and kicking phase.  These are the ones that actually disrupt what I'm doing.  I'm not complaining.  It's one of those special things about being pregnant that are hard to describe to someone who has never done it before.  

Various Thoughts on My Mind Right Now
The timing of this baby is glorious and scary all at the same time.  The due date falls exactly at the end of quarter three.  For a teacher that is a glorious time because it means that I miss standardized testing and the burn out that is quarter four.  However, from a financial perspective it is scary.  You see-Jason will be wrapping up nursing school at that time.  My maternity benefits and regular paycheck will quickly run out, and we will enter several weeks of living on one part time paycheck from Jason.  Mind you this is all during the final month of nursing school.  Jason will feel pressure to finish strong at school but still work as many hours as possible and we will have a new baby.  Such is life.  We are both soldiers and already participating how to navigate this little rough patch.  I'm freaked out about it.  

I'm also starting to think about the labor and delivery process again.  In many ways I hope that I have a repeat of last time.  My water didn't break at home and the only reason I went to the hospital is because Jason insisted that I go.  In other words, I thought it would be a lot worse than it was.  The reality of the birthing experience for me was that it was much more manageable and joyful than what I thought.  I have to remind myself that every baby is different and my wonderful labor last time may not ring true this time.  

The reality that I'm having a girl is also setting in.  It's a bit easier to refer to Hot Dog as her these days.  We set up the nursery and bought some things for her.  The her part is getting easier after having done those things.  

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