Thursday, December 31, 2015

the reflection of 2015

2015 was filled with good and bad.  
Some things that come to mind as notable and memorable...

1.  Jason made it clear that he was tough enough for the cut throat nursing program.  He just finished his third semester of a program that makes both of my degrees look like a cake walk.  
2.  Jason cut his hours to really focus on his studies.  This proved to be a fruitful sacrifice.  However, it also came with some serious financial stretching for us.  The cushion we used to have was no longer there.  We went without and have been better off for it.  
3.  Callum learned his letters, numbers, and shapes.  This seemed to open up a new dimension in his personality, joy, and curiosity.  I see so many amazing characteristics in him as he delights in the world around him.  
4.  We got to spend time with our New Zealand family.  A very eventful and fun visit from them allowed us to share Thanksgiving and American winter time with them. 
5.  Larissa ran in a series of half marathons and placed at every single race.  She ended up winning the Bucket of Blood Half-a race she had been trying to win in previous attempts.  
6.  On the same day as winning the Bucket of Blood Half, Larissa found out she was pregnant with Hot Dog!
7.  Larissa's dad died in October.  We are still trying to heal and get through this. 
8.  On the same day of Bappy's death, we found out that Hot Dog is a girl. 
9.  Larissa chopped her hair short.  
10.Jason became the Sunday School teacher in our ward.  Larissa became the YW president.

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