Saturday, January 9, 2016

the thirtieth week

I can't say that I have any significant changes or updates in my progressing pregnancy.  Lately I've tried to focus on the fact that I'm incredibly grateful for a second easy pregnancy-maybe not quite as easy as the first-but easy.  At my last appointment the doctor didn't feel like he would even waste my time to test for gestational diabetes.  This prevented me from having to drink that weird drink.  It's gratifying to hear that my health and activeness is helping with my pregnancy.  

Today I raced a 5k.  I didn't really know how it would go, and I went in with an attitude of being relaxed and non competitive.  This relaxed attitude probably contributed greatly to the fact that I went out and won the thing with a decent time.  I ran it in 25 minutes-not amazing by my standards but I recognize that it's a decent time for any human being. 

I've stuck closely to my goals mentioned previously...scripture reading, working out, and no added sugar.  

Perhaps one notable thing going on right now is Callum's interest in Hot Dog.  We are using a little heart rate monitor from my sister at home.  While Callum is terrified of the sounds of the heartbeat, he is equally excited to hear Hot Dog on the "Speaker" any chance he can.  It's quite precious and makes me very excited for the moment he meets his little sister.  

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