Saturday, January 30, 2016

the thirty second week

Home stretch!
Like my 30th post, I am still feeling like there are not any significant changes regarding the progressing pregnancy.  

Since my last doctor visit three weeks ago, I have gained 2 pounds.  That puts me at 27 pounds of weight gain thus far. I'm totally okay with that.  Admittedly, I was very worried that my weight gain was way out of whack.
 Now I see that I gained it quickly in the second trimester and it is now leveling out.  My hunch is that I could still gain around 10 pounds before I deliver.  

Running.  So many good things to report about my running.  I feel so much more knowledgeable and accepting of prenatal running this time around.  I am pushing my limits-albeit safely-and feeling like I'm doing workouts that give me the most bang for the buck.  I've logged up to 4 mile runs in the last month.  Though there were times I felt that I could have gone over 4, I haven't felt the need to be an all star.  I like that I run at a steady pace-with a decent kick at the end and complete a workout feeling fantastic. I haven't been keen on running outside before work in the dark.  I tripped on a curb several months ago and have stuck to my treadmill since then.  That's been a smart move-and probably a big reason why I've felt so good. 

I started swimming again.  I've swam a 1/2 mile for one session a week in the last month.  This is something I'll continue doing as I get closer and closer. Yoga is still very much part of things, too. 

My energy levels seem to be doing fine.  I have noticed that my appetite is decreasing.  I can't eat as much in one sitting..there's just no room for it inside of me!  Totally fine with that.

I've been thinking a lot about how this new addition will impact Callum.  I'm sure he'll be fine, but I do worry. 

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