Thursday, February 18, 2016

the thirty fifth week

Taking it day by day.  I keep reminding myself to just soak in these weeks of pregnancy.  I'm going to blink and have a baby in my arms.  When you've been counting weeks and days for months, sometimes the reality of it coming to an end doesn't really hit you. 

When people ask how I'm feeling, I always respond by saying I'm on the cusp of miserable.  I can't really shave my legs effectively.  I struggle to put on socks and shoes.  Getting Callum dressed is a feat that leaves me breathless.  At the end of pretty much every day, I find myself comatose on the couch.  Working full time, coaching track, staying on top of YW stuff, working out, being a good mom, and trying to find a little dab of me time leaves me done every day.  Needless to say, sleeping hasn't been an issue.  During Motorcycle's pregnancy I could never sleep.  Too bad I had no idea what it meant to be tired.  Regardless of how huge I am, I sleep like a baby because I'm exhausted. 

A good gauge for how miserable I am is how much I am working out.  I've ran 3 miles on two separate occasions this week with little issue.  It is slower? Yes. Do I care? No. I am convinced that I've cracked the code to the running during the third trimester thing.  I know my limits.  I know when to back off.  I also know what pain is safe and what isn't safe.  That maternity belt does a's just my legs that really get achy.  

It's noteworthy to say that I have had some significant contractions lately.  Every night this week I have found myself experiencing some pretty intense contractions.  They seem to be much more intense than my first go round.  One night I was freaked out enough that I started timing for a little while.  They were two minutes apart for several hours.  Yikes. 

Hot Dog's room is pretty much ready to go.  If she came today or tomorrow, we'd have enough stuff to figure it out.  I am still quite worried about my little Motorcycle.  When we talk about Hot Dog coming, he says he's scared.  He is super safe around my belly and acknowledges it all the time.  It's when we talk about Hot Dog actually being here that he panics.  He also remains scared of the heartbeat doppler machine.  The sound really freaks him out. 

I have found myself trying to visualize and prepare myself for labor and delivery.  This time I know what scared me and what was surprisingly manageable.  I have a leg up, I guess.  I just hope it goes like it did before.  I conquered that and know I can do it again.  For example, working through the contractions was an okay thing for me.  The checks became of source of stress and panic.  I keep telling myself that it is a very very temporary state to be uncomfortable.  I need to just get over it!  

Cheers to entering the NINTH month of life with Hot Dog in utero 

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