Saturday, February 27, 2016

the thirty seventh week

Things have been a little touch and go in the last week.  
Out of the blue clear sky (George Strait reference), my blood pressure was elevated at my 35th week appointment.  The only thing I was told do was watch and see what happens.  It caught me off guard...who gets high blood pressure when they workout and generally eat healthy throughout pregnancy?  Well, turns out you don't have complete control over these things.  I did note that I had been having headaches lately that seemed out of the ordinary and too frequent to be a fluke.  That can be a sure sign of heading down of the road of high blood pressure caused by pregnancy.  

Jason and I started monitoring my blood pressure at know, he is in nursing school after all.  The numbers were getting a little scary.  The numbers were also increasing each day.  By Wednesday afternoon I had two reading hours apart that were over 150.  That's go to the doctor high.  Against my wishes, Jason called the doctor and asked what we should do.  They wanted to see me immediately.  The immediatley happened to be right in the middle of my work baby shower.  There was no way I was going to get up and leave in the middle!  Jason coerced with some of my coworkers and they slyly made the shower end quite abruptly so that I could be seen by the doctor. 

My doctor was unavailable so I saw the other Ob/Gyn at the clinic.  The reading was 149 and I also had traces of protein in my urine.  Both were concerning but still not quite bad enough to warrant a major intervention.  Two days later I saw my own doctor and had a reading that was a bit lower but still concerning, 139.  I did not have any protein in my urine at this visit.  I asked some specific questions about how this happened and what I could do differently.  I was told that it truly is pregnancy related and not necessarily related to stress or activity level.  

As it stands, if my blood pressure doesn't get back to a normal range, I will be induced on March 8 or 9.  That means I have just over a week of being pregnant.  If the blood pressure thing is truly only caused by pregnancy, then it's probably not going to go back to normal.  If, however, lowering my stress level and not running will help even a tad, then I could probably go longer.  

I have some obvious anxiety about being induced.  I'm not a hippie or nature freak but I'd sure love to avoid pitocin.  My body did great in my last labor and I never felt a need for pain interventions.  For the safety of everyone involved, I'm prepared to be induced with pitocin but will just have to be very brave and confident to still not get pain intervention.  

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