Tuesday, March 22, 2016

the first two weeks

I've officially survived the first two weeks of postpartum time.  In many ways I feel that this time around was much easier.  It probably has a lot to do with the fact that I knew what to expect.  Blogs and well wishers never tell you about all the tough things you go through after baby comes.  Bleeding, engorgement, exhaustion, hormone crash, uterine contractions every time you nurse, the list goes on! Knowing that these things were coming gave me a leg up to cope with it all.  It helps that my precious little daughter is a sleeping angel.  Seriously. 

The first night home was a little rough.  She was up every hour and both of us had no clue how to help her fall asleep.  We thought we were in for a rough ride.  From the second night onward, she has been an angel.  She nurses every 2-3 hours without making a big fuss.  She sleeps all the time.  Like way more than Callum.  She loves to be cuddled but can handle being put down to sleep as well.  

Nursing is going much better this time.  I use lanolin much more liberally than I did the first time.  I think that has helped with pain.  I use some ice packs to get through the engorgement days and pumped as well.  Back to her being a sleeping angel, most of the time I have to wake her up to feed on both sides because she is so darn sleepy! 

She is so much more dainty than Callum.  Her limbs are skinny twigs...just like her bappy.  By the look of her light brownish hair and color tone of her eyes, I'm guessing we have another blue eyed light hair baby on our hands.  

I will say that one thing I'm struggling with a bit more this time is my own recovery process back to my normal body.  I have no reason to be truly concerned but I'm hypersensitive to being able to wear my own clothes and return to normal workouts.  I don't really know why this is...Last week I started with one mile walks and that was it.  This week I've upped it to 1.5 mile walks with an arm workout.  I'm committed to not running until I reach the 4th week...just like last time.  I am hoping that my combination of running and nursing will be just enough to get everything off...I didn't even try last time and lost every pound I gained.  I pray that is the case this time. I just need to be patient and not hard on myself. 

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