Thursday, March 3, 2016

the thirty eighth week

It's the finish line.  
With a looming date of induction just days away, I'm filled with a million different emotions.  I am panicked about the fact that I have an end date.  The spontaneity of the onset of labor makes it easy to just jump into the moment without all of the worrying and panic least last time.  Now that I know IT'S HAPPENING, I'm having enough time to get myself hyped up and freaked out.  I really need to just calm down and be excited.  

Based on the fact that I'm in the safe zone of full term and my blood pressure is certainly not impressive, the doctor is recommending an induction early next week (38 weeks and a few days).  It is one of those things where the risks outweigh the benefits of continuing to be pregnant.  I can handle that.  
Hot Dog's room is setup.  Hot Dog's things are all in the right place.  I feel pretty confident that our ducks are in a row.  I'm incredibly anxious to have a newborn again. 

Before I jump to newborn excitement, I'd like to take a moment to reflect on the good, bad, and ugly of this pregnancy.

1.  Experienced morning sickness and fatigue at a much greater rate than the first time.  I remember there being times that I just didn't have the energy or appetite to do anything.  I also remember a few runs where I just couldn't take one more step.  I was just so exhausted.  

2.  Just when the roughness of the first trimester was over, dad died.  On the same day he died, we found out Hot Dog was a girl.  That's a big huge hole in my heart that has been apparent through the whole pregnancy.

3. I ran a half marathon at 15 weeks and won my age group.  Had a great race/great pace.  Grateful to go out and run hard

4. Overall, my mileage this pregnancy went up from the last one.  I know it's because I found my groove of safeness for prenatal running.

5.  I had tons of heartburn in the second trimester but not so much in the last. 

6.  I am carrying this baby different.  I think I have much more of the defined huge bump in the front.  With Motorcycle it was more of a roundness about my body.  

7. I did yoga on my own for the duration of the pregnancy.  Quick and easy videos that have reminded me about relaxing and breathing..hoping to put into practice next week. 

8.  I am sleeping much better this pregnancy.  I know it's because I'm way busier with life this time.  I ain't got no time to be tossing and turning just because I have a belly.  

9. Hot Dog moves way more than Motorcycle. Seriously. She's ridiculous.  Never stops. 

10. Somewhere along the way I became okay with a girl.  Both Jason and I were really freaked out about having a girl.  I was in denial about buying girl things.  That's totally gone.  It's been exciting to receive and buy cute little frilly things. 

Let's get this show on the road!

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