Sunday, April 24, 2016

the seventh week

Check her out!
She's a beauty.
Today I spent more time than necessary in the mother's room.  She just kept smiling and being cute.  I had to seize the moment of mom/daughter time.  

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Janae Balibrea said...

Larissa! Congrats on your new baby. You impress me with all your accomplishments and the way you do life in general. I follow your blog and read whenever a new one is in my feed :) I have a question and it's super urgent actually. I want to travel with my tax return and there is a round trip plane ticket to New Zealand for $898. Is that a good deal Or should I find something else? The deal ends like today or tomorrow. You're experienced with Nz travel so I thought I should ask you. Can you text me or email me ? 626-536-7486 or Thank you!!