Friday, August 12, 2016

the fifth month

My precious Riley is five months old now!  
She amazes me.  It's ridiculous how many times I laugh at myself for being terrified of having a girl.  I love everything about having a girl baby.  

Some things to brag on her include:
She really really is the happiest baby on the block.  Little Hot Dog is always so content.  She smiles when no one is paying any attention to her.  When she needs something she uses her voice to tell you but rarely gets to a big cry.  

She loves people.  No matter who it is she'll be happy to hear you talk and move if you lay her down near you.  She even loves to have her diaper changed.  Smiles and laughs from what I assume is being tickled.  

She has started doing a crawl of some sort.  She's nowhere close to sitting up, but I see her make some good tracks when she rolls to her belly.  When she is on her belly, you can see her kicking her back legs to make tracks.  Is that not crawling?  Amazing. 

She loves rice cereal and eats it quite cleanly.  I don't remember any of that with Callum!

I've avoided pumping-for the most part-while at work.  Riley hasn't loved a bottle and her babysitter is so close that I'm perfectly happy to go to her for my legally protected nursing breaks.  It's nice to nurse and not pump.  I get to see my babies for a quick second during the work day and am not stuck cleaning pumping items.  

Bottom line.  Riley is beautiful and perfect.  I can't get over how much she adds to our family.  How am I so lucky?

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