Monday, March 6, 2017

the first birthday

We made it to one!  Why does Riley seem like she is still so tiny?  I think it might be because I know what cute little baby one year olds grow into.  I didn't with Callum. 

Riley is on the brink of being  a full on walker.  She is able to balance on her own and take up to 4 steps unassisted.  It's a matter of days now. 

We had a family party to celebrate her day.  She's loved and happy and that's all I care about. 

Riley went through a really fussy stage with me from about 8-12 months.  I feel that she has finally turned a corner.  She is happy to play with Callum or by herself.  She doesn't feel the need to be constantly held by me.  Bedtime and naptime are a cinch.  She is happy to go down when still awake.  I really love that about her.  

She doesn't have much hair yet.  She is kind of a blonde baldie still.  I can tell it will be light brown/'s just not growing much.  Her eyes are envious blue.  They can stop you on the street shade of blue.  Lucky gal.

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