Tuesday, March 14, 2017

the third baby

Did you know Popcorn/Football is on his/her way?
Yes, that's right.  I'm nearly 4 months pregnant with number three. 
I chose to live the first trimester in secret and sickness.  Just wasn't ready to announce.  I think I really struggled in the beginning because I was still nursing Hot Dog.  Nursing and growing a human really really takes it out of you.  I've never been so exhausted.  I found myself not even making it to 730 pretty much every night.  Now that I've cut Hot Dog off and turned a corner into the second trimester, life is getting easier. 

As always, I'm still running.  Pregnancy will never stop me from running no matter how tired and sick I am.  It's just in my blood. I've been really surprised that I am still wearing my jeans.  With Riley I got rid of jeans at 11 or 12 weeks.  I'm still comfortably buttoning most pants.  It's a little added treat for the ridiculous first trimester I had.

14 weeks

13 weeks

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