Wednesday, April 19, 2017

the twentieth week

Well, it's been a really uneventful pregnancy thus far and haven't felt the need to document too many weird or notable things. 
I've reached the halfway mark and am starting to sport the little belly.  It's been really surprising how long it has taken to show.  I thought for sure that the third kid would be a legit belly right out of the know the muscles already know how to stretch out...I just had a baby 12 months ago...those things.  Nevertheless, the belly is out on display at halfway.  I've elected to not find out the gender...hoping that the upcoming ultrasound will not reveal what it is any way.  

I'm also happy to report that my running is still going great.  Not having to wear the belt or slow down.  I am still running without feeling pregnant!  What a blessing.  I am grateful for another baby that allows me to run and push myself without harming anyone.  

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