Saturday, June 10, 2017

the twenty seventh week and last 6 weeks

Things are getting real with this pregnancy.  The belly has popped, the running belt is out, heartburn is starting to settle in, and the kicks are getting stronger. 

Of note in this last 3 weeks is my struggle with infection.  In late May I got a UTI and took the full course of antibiotics.  During the first week in June, I started to feel some of the returning symptoms AND an unrelenting pain in my right side.  Initially, I thought it might be a sore muscle from a yoga workout I did but after two horrid sleepless nights, I started to get very worried.  I had chills, extreme nausea, and bouts of being feverish.  I knew it was getting scary.  I finally decided to go to an urgent care and was diagnosed with a kidney infection.  At that point I probably should have gone to the ER but opted to get the shot of antibiotics and regimen of pills.  Got home that night and slept somewhat but woke up still feeling nauseous, still feeling the side pain, and at the suggestion of the urgent care doctor, decided to go to the ER in Winslow on Sunday morning to just make sure I was doing okay.  I was taken to OB where I took a pee sample and blood work to just see what was going on.  Those results were actually better than what they were at urgent care.  Because of this, there wasn't really anything for OB to do with me other than monitor and encourage me to come back if I didn't get better.  6 days later and I'm doing better.  I'm spooked after getting such a serious infection and really hoping it never comes back this pregnancy.  

My running is still going well.  Like I did with Riley, instead of fighting against being pregnant and running in pain, I have adjusted my goals and paces so that I can still maintain some legitimacy in my mileage.  I did 4 miles yesterday at 27 weeks and ran 5 miles just a week ago.  I've been doing tons of interval workouts on the treadmills.  Today was a particularly good workout with 6x800 repeats at an 8 or above on the treadmill.  Dare I say I didn't feel pregnant for this workout.  

I'm not meticulously keeping track of my weight gain, but I'd say I've gained just over 20 pounds at this point.  Sounds pretty normal to me.  

We have managed to still not find out the gender.  It has made it extra exciting.  I have a fav girl and boy name and so does Jason.  If I had to make a bet about what it is, I'd say boy.  Who knows though.  

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