Monday, July 10, 2017

the thirty first week

It's safe to say the transition into nesting/get everything ready under the sun has begun.  It's as if a light switch was turned on in my brain.  For so long, pretty much all pregnancy, I haven't felt any urgency to get anything ready.  Third kid I guess.  Then, all at once I suddenly feel that there's no time and all things should be ready now.  For instance, I packed my hospital bag!  We have also begun the crazy process of rearranging rooms to accommodate little Popcorn.  I think a lot of this has stemmed from the fact that I start work this week and know that a great deal of my time and energy will be spent at school and not folding baby clothes.  

Speaking of baby clothes, I sorted all girl and boy clothes and made an even smaller box of gender neutral clothes.  From the gender neutral pile, I picked a white kimono and onesie to take to the hospital.  I did buy a precious red and white stripe swaddler set because every new baby deserves something that is his/hers.  

We had a great vacation.  I really slowed down my running while in Alabama.  I had a scare of strong and consistent contractions after a 5 mile run.  After that happened I stuck to nothing over 2 miles easy.  

Now that I'm back home, I'm running up to 3 miles still in the 9 min mile area.  Of note, on 4th of July I did a mile time trial and ran a 7:59 mile!!!  Not bad for 31 weeks pregnant.  

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