Saturday, July 29, 2017

the thirty fourth week

Not long now.  The suspense of Popcorn's gender is getting intense!!!
I'm dying to find out. 

All in all, pregnancy is going well.  There was some concern about my fundal height being small that result in receiving an additional ultrasound.  The ultrasound confirmed that all is good in Popcorn's world and that he/she is measuring normal.  So basically I'm just small this time.  Weird, right?  I thought for sure that a third kid after you just had one 9 months ago would only result in me being even bigger.  

I've gained 23 pounds so far.  I'm at the stage where I just default to wearing Jason's clothes to lounge around the house.  My tshirts don't cut it anymore.  

I know I experienced it with every baby, but I have to say that Popcorn is ridiculous about movements.  He/she moves while I stand, sit, lay on my side, lay on my back, and any other position.  It's not flutterings at this stage.  It's full on punches and kicks that almost take my breath away.  

I'm still running.  I've stuck to distances between 2 and 3 miles and it has been good.  This week I actually ran 3 miles at a 9:20 pace!!!!  I know normal people that can't run that fast.  For 8 plus months, it's a great pace to be proud of.  

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