Sunday, August 13, 2017

the thirty sixth week

Well, it's the end of my third pregnancy journey.  I think this one feels like it's lasted longer than any other because I have been pregnant during two school years.  Having said that, it's been a really smooth pregnancy.  I think that really has to do with me knowing what I can and can't do.  I also avoided preeclampsia!  I'm still so boggled that I got that with Riley but not Callum.  It totally changed the end course of my pregnancy. 

The beginning of this pregnancy was the hard part.  I was still nursing Riley and just so drained physically.  I feel like I had maxed out after successfully keeping Riley fed and Popcorn growing inside.  It took everything out of me.  It took a very long time for me to show...longer than I would have expected considering I delivered Riley 9 months prior to getting pregnant.  It also took me longer to feel this baby move than any other baby.  

Once I hit the second trimester things were just too easy.  Riley was done nursing and my energy levels sky rocketed.  I was still running very decent times and distances.  I felt great.  In May I got a UTI that never cleared up.  It ended up advancing to a kidney infection.  That was a bit alarming.  Since my 32nd week appointment, there was concern with my fundal height measurement being 2cm behind.  I still am 2cm behind but an ultrasound confirmed that all is well with the baby.  I keep wondering if that means I'll have a small baby?  

I've gained 33 pounds thus far and am at 174 right now.  I'm totally fine with this.  It's the way it works.  I now trust my body to do its thing.  I know if I'm smart during the postpartum recovery, I'll bounce back to my regular self.  

I have a bit of anxiety about labor this time.  Riley's birth was difficult because it was facilitated.  I still avoided an epidural, but I got pretty freaked out in the end stages and minutes of labor.  That all makes me get a little nervous about going through it again.  My hope is that labor is induced by nature and that I get to follow my body's lead through the process.  It's how it worked with Callum and I got through that with flying colors.  What I've learned is that managing contractions from 0-8 dilation isn't so bad.  I know how to get through them.  They stop you in your tracks and it is a real test, but I know what to do.  The part where I get freaked out is transition.  The good part about reaching it is that it's a no turning back point.  As scary as it is, you have to just get through it.  I never felt the ring of fire with Callum but did with Riley.  That was about the last unbearable thing.  I've come to learn that pushing brings relief and progress.  The only struggle with pushing is that I seem to always have a hard time with how I should position my legs.  The medical people seem to always being forcing my legs a certain way that I don't necessarily love.  Again, I know this going on...hopefully I can get it right.  

I think Callum and Riley are pretty aware of the fact that a baby is coming.  Callum had no clue with Riley and this time he has been interested.  He kisses my belly, asks if I'm doing okay, and feels the kicks.  Riley got kicked out of the nursery and has been happy as ever in her new big girl room.  While she may not grasp quite as much, she does say baby when she sees my gigantic belly.  She also has shown no interest in getting back in the crib.  Makes that transition so much easier!

The neat thing and hard thing about this pregnancy has been not knowing if it's a boy or girl.  I know I've missed out on some of the prep work for getting ready for baby like buying cute things or committing to a name.  However, I am so looking forward to that moment Jason calls out the gender after the throes of labor.  It's my little instant reward.  

We are ready for this baby.  Nursery is ready.  Hospital bags are packed.  I made a load of healthy muffins to have on demand.  Breastfeeding supplies are sorted and organized.  The only things left are to get my traditional pedicure so I have cute feet in the hospital and installing/cleaning carseat stroller.  

36 weeks 1 mile time trial 9:29 pace

2 mile run 36 weeks 

3 mile run 35 weeks

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