Thursday, September 14, 2017

the name

The naming process was a constant fight in our house!  To add to our desperation, we didn't know the gender and so we constantly had to fret about boy and girl names.  I honestly think we disagreed about it every single week of my pregnancy!

I thought that Addison was going to be a boy and Jason didn't have a hunch either way.  We both had our names that we felt really strongly about and Addison was not one of them.  

After she literally flew out like a rocket, Jason cried out GIRL and I wanted to focus on that but couldn't in light of all the scariness.  Her breathing issues and my tearing and bleeding consumed me for quite some time.  In addition to that, the after birth pains were so intense.  They really really took it out of me.  Jason kept wanting to decide on a name and I kept telling him I was still in too much pain.  Out of left field, Jason kept saying she's an Addison.  It fits her.  I knew he was right.  She was an Addison.  It fit.  I wanted my favorite name to fit but it didn't.  We chose Kalli as her middle name because she shares a birthday with her cousin Kalli.  

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